Along with Nick Adam ’18, Cara Buzzell ’18, Marie Otsuka ’18, and Minryung Son ’17, I designed an identity system and applications for To Whom It May Concern, the 2017 RISD Graphic Design MFA Biennial Exhibition. The exhibition examined how graphic designers actively respond and give shape to content in times of political unrest and crisis. As both an exhibition of student work and an open-letter to anybody concerned with the current state of affairs, the identity played with the concept of desperation, volume, and contextual framing. The identity was a pair of stickers, labeled “To Whom” and “May Concern,” respectively, between which anything could be placed as the “It” to complete the sentence. Posters to promote the show were hung around campus with the two stickers on the top left and bottom right corners. Posters included typographic political gripes (culled from a department-wide open-letter, addressed “To Whom it May Concern”) and crops of the work within the show, placed in poster clusters to convey the exhibition’s urgent spirit.