New news is always breaking. With each “urgent” story, scrolling tickers disrupt and distract already ongoing news in real time. You’re never looking in the right place. You’re never paying attention to the right information. With the 2016 election came a sharp rise in activist protest throughout the country. The feedback loop of homemade signs being filmed and covered by news outlets catapults individual messaging to the masses with ease, projected out onto our TVs and computer screens. In the face of news as a distraction, can our voices become a positive force therein? Ticker Ticker is a site-specific projection-mapped installation created for the 2017 RISD Graphic Design MFA Biennial, To Whom it May Concern. The installation is a vehicle for an endless collection of protest signs to live on long after a protest ends. It is also an argument against news as distraction. In the installation, these digitally projected signs are broken up by a combination of “Breaking News” motion bumpers and original, fabricated existential messaging mirroring the melodrama of news tickers; false urgency juxtaposed with actual urgency.