The most memorable TV block from my childhood is easily the mid ’90s-era NBC Thursday night lineup, appropriately promoted as “Must See TV.” This particular block featured some of the network’s most iconic shows: Seinfeld, Friends, Frasier, Will & Grace, and ER, among others. In Must See TV, I place the participant in the space between TV screen and graphic overlays. The viewer stares back at themselves from within completely vacant, eerily familiar sets from each of the shows. Cut-and paste poetry culled from the shows’ scripts creates a narrative within the space of the captions and graphic overlays, and indirectly describes the act of watching television as one of confused desperation. Distorted and manipulated audio from each of the shows’ theme-songs forms a just barely placeable soundtrack. The result is a multi-sensory reading experience in which the participant must face themselves; an uncomfortably intimate mirror and sedative television program in one.